What is UFB ?

UFB, ULTRA-FINE BUBBLE* is an extremely tiny gas bubble contained in water. Regarding bubble size, Ultra-fine bubble and micro bubble are categorized of which UFB is defined by ISO and global representatives, the bubble diameter is less than 1 μm, also known as Nano Bubble. Recently there are various types of UFB device , however different UFB production principles will result in different physical properties. UFB Technology has been developed in Japan for many years, broadly used in cleasing, deodorization, water purification, medical, agriculture and recently applied to medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, semiconductors, foods, beverages, agriculture, forestry and fisheries as a safe, efficient and economical solution. UFB Technology will potentially become a dominant industry with a large growing worldwide market.

HKSP Enterprise M POWER MFG LTD. uses NANOSIGHT instrument and confirms the amount of UFB / mL is over 800milllion.

UFB Highly Effective Disinfecting Performance

Japanese UFB Authoritative Expert - Professor Atsuyoshi Takayama, Kurume Institute of Technology Technical Paper

  • Using pressure dissolution and a stirring mixer, in 20 mins, approx. 867 million/mL UFB was produced.
  • Research and testing confirmed 800 million/mL UFB is effective for sterilization and disinfection.

UFB Technology has been utilized in Japan over 10 years.

Since UFB* causes impact and destroy  bacteria, it is truly useful in disinfection. In Japan, NEXO West, which manages western japan highways has banned using unpleasant smell chemical cleansing agent  since 2009, and replaced with UFB water for cleansing roadside carpark toilets. As a result one third of cleansing time has been shortened and water consumption has been since always reducing drastically . ( Sing Tao Ltd. posted on 26 Arpil 2016 )