About Us

Joyous Health Concept Ltd.

was co-founded and joint invested by two persistent charitable, sincere and devout persons – Ms. Leung Suk Fong and Ms. Chan Foon Hang .They purchased the ground floor of 111 Prince Edward Road West Mong Kok as a store, making effort to provide high quality multi-national medical, health care, anti-epidemic supplies to senior citizens and health lovers at moderate and preferential prices.  You are welcome choosing our best products and feel free give us advice.

" Ultra-Fine Bubble" Technology for Disinfection

We cooperate with Hong Kong Science Park Enterprise M Power MFG Limited to introduce serious of food-safety grade disinfection products with leading Ultra-Fine Bubble (UFB)Technology in Hong Kong, promoting a more effective, endurable and safe disinfection especially for enterprises, offices, hotels, restaurants and homes.