Magico Golf Power Sleeve Supporter Knee Taping (1pc)

Material: polyester, nylon, polyurethane

Around Knee area 30-40cm



Unisex/free size/can use on left or right knee

Made in Japan



Highly protect and fix your knee. High-tech material create heat naturally

Knee supporter help to improve the muscle strength by tapping. High tech material create heat automatically when you stretching your knee. It provide extra care for joints during frequent knee movement.

Caution :

If you intend to use during official sports games, please check and grant approval before by the authorities .
Do not use for any other purposes except its original design usage.
Do not use while sleeping
If you have allergies or have an abnormality such as eczema, discontinue to use and consult a doctor.
If you already have experiencing pain, arthritis or inflammation at the body parts of wearing, consult a doctor before use.
Use for excessive period of time or over tightening require user to rewear our products with appropriate tightness.