Magico Golf Lumbar support Air belt

Material: Nylon, polyurethane

M: Waist circumference 70-90 cm
L: Waist circumference 90-110 cm

M: 95 x 16cm
L: 105 x 16cm

M: 173g
L: 188g

Made in Japan


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Protection against difficult movements! Safe, high-quality, strong fixation, and full air permeability of the lumbar spine

High air permeability, light body and ultra-thin style. It has strong air permeability and antibacterial properties, which can reduce the uncomfortable feeling during exercise. A belt with high standards of fixation, air permeability, light weight, deodorant and antibacterial

If the product needs to be used in sports events, it must be approved by the event committee before the event.
Do not use during sleep.
Do not use for purposes other than the original design.
If the user has allergies or abnormal physical conditions such as eczema, please stop using and consult a doctor.
If the user has symptoms such as pain or inflammation in the wearing or wearing place, please consult a doctor before use.
If you use it for a long time or wear it too tightly, please re-adjust the tightness appropriately